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Always judge a book by it's cover. That way if you throw it across the room-you still have something pretty to look at :)
The Marked Ones
The Marked Ones
The Complete Fairytail Saga
The Complete Fairytail Saga
The Marked Ones - S.K. Munt

In the sleepy town of Seaview
Where nothing Ever happens

Everything is about to change overnight

Because of one girl.

To see her is to want her

To know her is to love her

But if he touches her

They Will come for her

Because Ivyanne has a secret

She belongs to another world

And she is to be their queen

He's not the only one falling for her

And he can't underestimate his rivals

And he's not prepared

To Hold his breath

For they are, the Marked Ones

And they won't take forbidden as an answer

They can't risk their species

On a humans heart

Even if he has hers.

Be seduced by the Sirens