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Always judge a book by it's cover. That way if you throw it across the room-you still have something pretty to look at :)

Review of the bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren

When I started this book I was like

"So...your asshole boss touches your leg and after years of struggling up the career ladder you just LET him because he's hot?!'

But I reminded myself that I was reading erotica not '7 Habits of highly successful people' so I took off my sash.

And then put it back on.

And then took it back off.

This novel spits in the face of the women's movement then surprises you with a bit of a switcheroo in power. In fact if it weren't for the POV of the bastard himself I would have tossed this book out the window-which wouldn't have been very effective as I have screens. 

The surprising part about this book is that our sexy, pain in the ass Bennet is actually a lot more tolerable than the heroine. In fact, he's more likeable than Gideon and Christian combined, once you get into it. Believable and hot as hell and thank the stars...no childhood trauma! No BDSM fetishes! No string of ex lovers constantly parading about! 

But back to the heroine- Oh boy did she drive me nuts! She is a bitch, who constantly puts herself in degrading situations and then complains that she was put there. 
And she's pretty spineless, despite her bad temper. I've bought underwear from Agent Provocateur-a man tears that and doesn't instantly hand over $200 cash he is going to be a man tearing his last panties! But it goes on and on, the tearing of the expensive underwear and this really bothered me because she's not some heiress or trust fund baby and I didn't think these intern positions were that highly paid.But I digress, it's a fantasy, so I ploughed on!

There is a lot of panty ripping here which is appropriate as the basic theme of the novel is the OPPOSITE of bra burning. This woman puts her career in serious jeopardy by starting an affair with her boss. An affair at work and in public restrooms, fighting in lingerie shops and pitching jealous fits at conventions, which tells me that neither is clever enough to have such elevated career rankings.

The sex starts up almost straight away and never really lets off. And to be honest-they were good, realistic sex scenes. Very hot. These two have fantastic chemistry and the storyline is pretty good-their relationship progresses at a believable pace instead of suffering from insta-love. The writing was clean and very well-paced and the audio voice terrific. But the story is kind of much-of the muchness until about 70% where it really takes off.At this point it gets very entertaining and un-putdownable, but it's hard work getting there and I feel sort of bruised and physically fatigued from the imaginary sex. THis was one of those erotic stories that had me batting my husband away in general annoyance at mankind and sexism instead of crooking the finger at him, which sort of sucks, and I putt it down to a disconnection with the female protagonist.

I'll give it 3.5 stars but I don't think I'll be reading the sequel any time soon. It feels like their storyline was wrapped up nicely without any need to continue.